Due to having intentions to publish the Tale of Amerei Gemcutter when all is complete, I shall not post any more novel excerpts of this draft on this blog.

However, I will be uploading future chapters to my discord server, Sekai, where I run interactive storytelling sessions over the weekend and document the world in which the Tale of Amerei Gemcutter takes place.


Here is a link to the Sekai Discord Server. It’s considerably less formal in atmosphere to this blog, so if that’s not your thing, I do understand.

Short stories and essays will still be written for this blog. The next piece of content I have lined up for this blog is an essay on the ‘Checklist Effect’ that beginner writers suffer from in character development and story planning. It intends to explore the Mary Sue trope, mandatory twists, and other tropes, reviled and celebrated, and why perhaps, we’ve become too caught up in ticking boxes to remember the art of the writer.

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